Geology and mineral resources
Hydrology and hydrogeology
Environnent and Natural disasters
Remote sensing and GIS

    Non-conventional energy

    Energy-related measurements and control

  • Mastery of energy-generating systems and equipment (modeling, simulation of action, manufacture, installation)
  • Evaluation of energy needs
  • Characterization and valorization of energy converting systems
  • Measurement of global and diffuse solar radiation
  • Measurement of speed and direction of wind
  • Thermal tests

  • Qualification des appareils de cuisson
  • Configuration of kitchen equipment
  • Conception, design and manufacture of improved wood, charcoal and saw dust stoves
  • Studies and installation of units to produce saw dust
  • Systems using renowable energy

  • Design, manufacture and installation of solar dryers and their hybrids
  • Evaluation of combustion, and consumption yields of combustibles
  • Physical characterization of combustibles
  • Design and installation of solar photovolataic and wind generators to produce electricity

    Nuclear techniques

  • Repairs, maintenance and calibration of scientific equipment
  • National capacity development in radio-protection, radio-ecology and radio-metrology