Who we are

    IGMR comprises :

  • A management Board
  • A Programmes Committee
  • Headquaters
  • Operational Structures
    The Management Board orients and adopts research programs of the institute, oversees its overall functioning, approves its accounts and budget, and appreciates its activity reports. It has an opinion on the recruitment and advancement of scientific, technical and administrative staff.
    The Programmes Committee is an auxiliary of the Management Board. It selects programs and research projects in such manner as to ensure that they are in conformity with the needs of users and the criteria for the advancement of science and technology.
    IGMR is placed under the authority of a Director, who, amongst other things, is responsible for preparing and ensuring the proper execution of research programs and the budget of the institute. The Director prepares activity reports and represents the Institute in all circumstances. To help in the accomplishment of its functions, the Headquarters/Directorate of IGMR has a Research Service (RS), an Administrative Financial Service (AFS) and a Library, Documentation and Publications Service (LDPS).
    The Research Service (SR) is responsible for following up all matters related to research activities. In collaboration with the Research Operational Structures (ROS), the RS conceives and writes up research projects, follows up the execution of the projects, ensures the dissemination of research results, and does planning for training of scientific personnel. It is responsible for scientific animation in the institute, preparing Management Board & Programmes Committee meetings, and preparing for recruitment of researchers, evaluation of their research work, and their advancement.
    The Administrative Finance Service (AFS) prepares draft budgets and accounts, manages the personnel and property of the institute, and handles matters pertaining to regulations and disputes.
    The Library, Documentation and Publications Service (LDPS) is responsible for the acquisition and management of scientific and technical documents, e.g., running the library, exchange scientific publications with other national and international bodies, managing the photocopy service etc. (p36)

    Different research programmes are actually executed in the following Operational Research Structures (ORS)

  • Geology in the Garoua Geological and Mining Research Center (CGMR)
  • Hydrology in the Yaoundé (Nkolbison) Hydrological Research Centre (CHR)
  • Conventional Energy Sources and Nuclear Techniques in the Energy Sources Research Laboratory (LER) in Yaoundé (Nkolbison)
  • Rock and mineral analyses in the Ore Processing Laboratory (OPL) in Yaoundé (Nkolbison)
  • Remote sensing Laboratory (RSL) in Yaoundé (Nkolbison) offering common services to all ORS
  • Geophysics and Volcanology research in the Ekona (Buea) Antenna for Geophysical and Volcanological Research (AGVR)