Geology and Mineral Resources
Hydrology and hydrogeology
Environment and natural disasters
Hydrology and hydrogeology

    Objectives of the program:

  • • Create knowledge on surface and underground water resources in relation with the physical milieu and climatic regimes of Cameroon
  • • Develop and apply cutting-edge research techniques in hydrology and hydrogeology particularly in the collection, analysis and interpretation of data
  • • Build a hyrological and hydrogeological database needed for construction works
  • • Carry out studies in land management and monitoring of risk zones
  • • Carry out water quality control studies and create a related database


  • Cameroon water resources evaluation project
  • Preliminary hydrological studies for the construction of hydroelectric dams in Cameroon (Menchum, Lagdo, Song-Loulou, Lom-Pangar, Song-Dong, Bini à Warak, Katsina Ala, etc.)
  • Preliminary hydrological studies for the provision of portable water in 70 urban centers (Lomié, Bansoa, Ngambé, etc)
  • Preliminary hydrological studies for the provision of portable water in some localities (Garoua, Maroua, Douala, Yaoundé, etc.)
  • Preliminary hydrological studies for the construction of roads, bridges etc, and management of navigable rivers (Bénoué, Nyong, Nkam, etc.)
  • Niger HYCOS project - hydrological monitoring of the Niger Basin (program of the Niger Basin Authority NBA)
  • Congo HYCOS Project - hydrological monitoring of the Congo Basin (program of the International Commission of the Congo-Oubangui-Sangha Basin – CICOS)
  • Project on Environmental Management for Security in Africa (European Union EU, African Union AU and CICOS)
  • Lakes Nyos and Monoun Degassing Program (NMDP)
  • SATREPS-NyMo Project (magmatic fluid Supply into Lakes Nyos and Monoun, and mitigation of natural disasters through capacity building in Cameroon)
  • FRIEND/WCA/UNESCO/IHP Project - West and Central Africa (WCA) component of the UNESCO International Hydrological Program (IHP) Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data (FRIEND)
  • Waza-Logone Plain Restauration Project (International Union for Nature Conservation)
  • Tropenbos International (TBI) Cameroon Program (Sustainable management of Cameroon’s Humid Tropical Forest)
  • SO-BVET program (Environmental Observation on Experimental Tropical Catchments - run by the French Institute for Development Research IRD, French National Center for Scientific Research CRNS and IRGM )
  • IGAC-DEBITS Network (International Global Atmospheric Chemistry, DEposition of BIogeochemically Trace Species)
    IRGM is involved in sub regional research programs (e.g., Niger & Congo Hycos),
    international research networks (FRIEND/AOC de l’UNESCO, IGAC/DEBITS-Africa (IDAF), AMMA.