Who we are
Who we are
    The Institute of Geological and Mining Research (IGMR) was created by decree No79/495 of 4th December 1979 organizing the General Delegation of Scientific and Technical Research (GDSTR), which after many changes, has today become the Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation (MINRESI).
    IGMR under the tutelage of MINRESI is a specialized institute that implements Government policy on scientific and technical research. Specifically, and according to article 21 of the above decree, the mission of IGMR is to elaborate and carry out research projects to generate and manage information in geology, hydrology, energy and mining in Cameroon. .
    IGMR is in the process of reorganization in order to be in line with changes in the recent legislative and regulatory environment, notably law No99/016 of 22 December 1999 on the general statute of public and parapublic institutions. However, the institute has certain organs like do other public establishments and some public companies:
  • Financial autonomy
  • Subventions in the state budget for investment and running costs
  • An accountant
  • A financial controller